South Carolina district court makes ruling in EEOC background screening case

Sep 20, 2013 Quinn Thomas

Background screening procedures have long been useful tools for businesses looking to make sure they are hiring the best candidates possible. However, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Office (EEOC) has recently been ramping up

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Simple background screening missteps can lead to major issues

Sep 07, 2013 Quinn Thomas

As enterprises from across the country continue to increase hiring efforts during the current economic recovery, many human resources professionals and executives are running into problems related to the background screening process. Background

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Know the best practices of background checks

Aug 31, 2013 Quinn Thomas

Criminal background screening has been a hot topic among employers, regulators and job seekers in recent years, especially as more companies look to fill in the gaps left during the Great Recession. Now, parties like the Equal Employment Opportunity

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Law firm: Employers should be aware of background screening legal landscape

Aug 28, 2013 Quinn Thomas

Pre-employment background screening has long been an effective tool for employers looking to ensure that they are hiring the best job candidates available. However, government agencies have recently made a dedicated effort to step up enforcement

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E-verify system comes under scrutiny

Aug 13, 2013 Quinn Thomas

Business owners use pre-employment screening to investigate consumers' credit reports, criminal records and other information that may pertain to a potential worker's performance. The practice has been useful for enterprises that want to hire

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