How could blockchain change consumer lending services?

Feb 16, 2017 Dave King

Succeeding in today's consumer lending industry entails building an infrastructure designed to support digital products and services. CMOs and CFOs must collaborate with their technically minded colleagues to determine how the latest technologies can enable new services.

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How lenders can prepare for PCI DSS 3.2

Oct 07, 2016 Dave King

Enterprises that handle consumer credit and payment data in any manner must reassess their security capabilities if they wish to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Version 3.2. "A big focus in v3.2 is multi-factor

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Electronic payments thriving in modern marketplace

May 04, 2015 Dave King

The world continues to move away from traditional transaction processing and toward more advanced electronic payment systems, and this pertains to virtually every region given the fact that even emerging markets are getting on board with these

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Consumer credit data may be tarnished by 'skimmers'

Jun 03, 2014 Dave King

Between landlords conducting background checks and loan-approving banks, there are numerous organizations that pay attention to consumer credit data. Unfortunately, even individuals who pay their bills on time and keep their finances under

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Amazon could enter mobile payments space

May 14, 2014 Dave King

Some of the world's largest companies are beginning to enter the mobile payments space, and Amazon could be next. According to Retail Customer Experience, the online retailer hasn't revealed any plans, but it is in a good position to deploy

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