High home prices fueling demand in fully furnished apartments

Sep 12, 2018 Philip Burgess

More property managers are opting to furnish the apartments, houses and condos that are available for rent, a decision that's proving to be both popular and profitable.

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First-party fraud: What it is and how to guard against it

Sep 07, 2018 Philip Burgess

Over the past 20 years or so, first-party fraud has intensified in scale and scope.

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Millennials: The leasing generation

Aug 27, 2018 Walt Wojciechowski

Based on data compiled by Edmunds, millennials have a love for leasing.

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Unaffordable houses have more Americans renting

Aug 06, 2018 Walt Wojciechowski

The rather inauspicious time for purchasing properties has led to an uptick in demand for fully furnished rental apartments.

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Millennials among leading users of online lenders

Jul 24, 2018 MicroBilt News

Millennials are among the chief users of online channels, an outlet financial firms must ensure is up to par.

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