Millennials: The leasing generation

Aug 27, 2018 Walt Wojciechowski

Based on data compiled by Edmunds, millennials have a love for leasing.

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With auto loan rates climbing, will customers buy now?

Aug 23, 2018 Philip Burgess

With the economy still in expansion mode, car loan interest rates are heating up, testing the financial wherewithal of creditworthy consumers.

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Can consumers with damaged credit get a car loan?

Nov 25, 2015 Philip Burgess

For some time now, experts have criticized the ways in which the current credit system effectively locks tens of millions of Americans out of being able to borrow. This can have a major impact on their lives in many ways, not the least of which

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Car title scammers give lenders a bad name

Jan 22, 2015 Phil Burgess

It's an unfortunate thing when scammers try to take advantage of unsuspecting car title loan borrowers. Six people were charged last October for unlawfully possessing the vehicles of those who fell behind on loan payments, according to West

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What are some sources of alternative auto financing?

Aug 29, 2014 Philip Burgess

When consumers decide to buy a new car, they sometimes back themselves into a corner with regard to what financing options they think they have. Many people only know the basics or past strategies that were commonly used. For instance, individuals

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