MicroBilt introduces a complete line of data products for short-term lenders.

For short term lenders, writing smarter loans is the difference between a profitable business and a mess of collections and losses. MicroBilt provides a complete suite of tools to help you make the right choices across the entire loan process.

Fast, easy, and cost-effective.

All of MicroBilt’s products can be accessed through a convenient single portal accessible from any Internet-connected computer. This puts incredible public, private and proprietary data as well as automated decisioning tools right at your fingertips. Use MicroBilt’s products to:

Participate in the Alternative Credit Market

Over 100 million people return “not hit” or thin files when traditional credit reports are run. With PRBC, you can evaluate these customers and get a predictive credit score based on their financial behaviors.

PRBC Consumer Report

Provides a score based on predictive alternative credit data.

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PRBC Credit Builder

Complete consumer lending platform powered by the industry’s most comprehensive alternative credit database.

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Make better credit decisions

Verify a customer’s identity, learn their credit history, and even get a credit score on individuals who might otherwise return a ‘no hit’ or thin file during a credit check.

Decision Table

Completely customizable, Decision Table allows you to automate your decisioning process according to your own risk tolerance level.

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Detect fraud before it happens

Get a glimpse into a consumer’s past financial deals, uncover any prior history of fraudulent activity and flag potential fraud risks before they impact your business.

ID Verify

Cross-references multiple data sources to confirm an identity and appends a fraudulence risk score automatically.

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ID Authenticate

Easily integrated into call-centers and website, ID authenticate confirms identity through questions only the individual would know the answers to.

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Watchlist Search

Searches for an individual on the Federal OFAC watchlist as required by the Federal Patriot Act.

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Collect fast and efficiently

Identify a customer’s location, assets, banking information and aliases. Determine which debts are most likely to be recovered so you can prioritize your efforts.

Smart Trac

Assess "collectability" so that you can prioritize efforts for the highest return.

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SPOT Verified Bank Locator

Locate, verify and predict the performance of an individual’s bank accounts.

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SPOT Place of Employment Report

Simply put, the collection industry’s most comprehensive, accurate and convenient data source for place of employment reporting.

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SPOT Verified Place of Employment

The SPOT Verified Place of Employment (POE) Report does the extra work to confirm an individual’s current place of employment.

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Enhanced People Search

Quickly locate an individual while gathering critical identity and contact information in the process.

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Make administration easier

Take the hassle out of regulatory requirements like adverse action letters and keep your staff compliant with FCRA training programs from MicroBilt.

Adverse Action Notification

Automatically creates and sends adverse action emails for you.

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Traditional Credit Reporting
MicroBilt is a convenient, single-source provider for consumer credit reports from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Customized Solution

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