Powerful data tools for debt recovery, collections and skip tracing.

For collections and debt recovery professionals MicroBilt provides an exceptional suite of tools designed to help you prioritize your efforts and maximize the amount you collect. Powered by a unique combination of public, private and proprietary data, MicroBilt’s products are available a la carte to allow you to do business the way you want to.

Whether you’re looking to confirm identity, uncover aliases, track bank accounts, or identify assets, MicroBilt can make your job easier.

Fast, easy, and cost-effective.

All of MicroBilt’s products are accessed through a single portal and can be reached from any Internet-enabled computer.

Maximize your efforts and success rates.

Assign a ‘collectibility’ score to every open account and then prioritize to ensure you achieve the highest return on effort possible.

Smart Trac

Assess "collectability" so that you can prioritize efforts for the highest return.

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Uncover assets, confirm accounts, and understand employment histories.

Search data records to find properties, bank account and other assets. You can also confirm employment history and current employer.

SPOT Verified Bank Locator

Locate, verify and predict the performance of an individual’s bank accounts.

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SPOT Place of Employment Report

Simply put, the collection industry’s most comprehensive, accurate and convenient data source for place of employment reporting.

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SPOT Verified Place of Employment

The SPOT Verified Place of Employment (POE) Report does the extra work to confirm an individual’s current place of employment.

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Keep an eye on all your accounts.

Monitor all of your open accounts for updates – from changes of address to bankruptcy filings and criminal activity.


Real-time monitoring alerts you when customers financial status changes letting you market smarter and collect more efficiently.

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Track people down

Find people fast – from name and age to address, phone number, and aliases. Identify neighbors, known associates and relatives who can help you find the people you’re looking for.

Enhanced People Search

Quickly locate an individual while gathering critical identity and contact information in the process.

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SPOT Property Report

Spot Property Report shows you property owned or recently sold by an individual. It can be searched based on an individual’s address only or name + address to retrieve all available property records.

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Trace Detail

Find an individual’s current address while simultaneously identifying neighbors, associates and co-inhabitants.

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Supported Businesses

MicroBilt’s collections and recovery tools are desisgned to be used by debt collectors across industries including:

Asset recovery, repossession

Bail bonds

Bankruptcy attorneys

Billing companies

Claim retrieval

Collection agency

Collection attorney

Debt buyers

Judgment recovery

In-house collections

Divorce attorney

Estate attorney

Legal general practice

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