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Business appraisal services from MicroBilt.

Whether you’re managing a merger, conducting appraisals or divesting partnerships, MicroBilt can help you assess the value of a company using powerful, timely data and clear, concise reporting.

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All of MicroBilt’s products are accessed through a single, convenient portal from any Internet-connected computer. This puts incredible data at your fingertips and saves you time and money in your work. Use MicroBilt products to help you:

Make better business decisions

Get a look behind a business and into its corporate structure, ownership and the financial and credit histories of executive leadership.

Business Search

A lower-cost alternative to business credit bureau reports for when you only need basic business information.

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UCC Search Report

Identify any individual or entity that has filed claim on collateral pledges on a loan.

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Gather business intelligence and make predictive valuations.

Pull data from Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax, Paynet and more. Look at 3- and 5-year historical data and future predictions as well as industry sector insights. See where a business has come from, where it stands among competitors and where it may be going.

Integra Comparative Profiler

A fast, easy way to compare 3 years of your company’s financial statements with benchmark information from all companies of your type and size.

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Integra 3-year and 5-year Industry Reports

The premiere statistical data resource for establishing business valuations.

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Integra Industry Growth Outlook

Obtain valuable industry statistical data about financial trends that may impact your industry by analyzing five years of historical financial and five years of projected growth rates.

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Integra Quick Trends

An informative single-page executive report on the performance of a specified industry over a three-year period.

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Integra Officers Compensation

A comprehensive report presenting officer’s compensation by industry across 13 annual-sales size ranges.

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Mitigate risk and protect your business

Look into a company from a legal perspective. See judgments, liens, pledged collateral and other data that helps you understand the relative risks and obligations associated with that business.

UCC Search Report

Identify any individual or entity that has filed claim on collateral pledges on a loan.

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