Know who you’re doing business with. MicroBilt’s ID Verification & Authentication tools allow you to quickly and cost-effectively confirm critical identity information before you make a transaction or hire an individual.

Protecting your business from the impact of identity theft and fraud is easy with our suite of products:

ID Verification
Don’t do business with the wrong people. With MicroBilt’s identity verification products you can search multiple data source – including Federal and international watchlists – to confirm the identity of an individual or entity before doing business with them.
ID Verify

Cross-references multiple data sources to confirm an identity and appends a fraudulence risk score automatically.

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Watchlist Search

Searches for an individual on the Federal OFAC watchlist as required by the Federal Patriot Act.

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ID Authentication
ID Authenticate

Easily integrated into call-centers and website, ID authenticate confirms identity through questions only the individual would know the answers to.

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Supported Businesses

MicroBilt’s ID Verification & Authentication tools are used across industries as part of the loan origination process, employment background screening, tenant background screening, and to protect companies from losses attributed to identity theft.

Customized Solution

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