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  • How do I use RVD?

    The RDV service is available via API, batch-processing or for single transactions via a web portal. An API transaction returns in seconds and we process our batch files hourly 24/7.

  • What data does RVD provide?

    RVD provides a predictive response in real-time prior to sending an ACH, e-Check or check transaction to your financial institution for processing. We run each transaction against our own database of transaction records. RVD Plus also has access to multiple external retail and financial data. RVD matches consumer names and provides known telephone numbers from within the database; the age of the account, and a timestamp on when RVD detected activity on the account. It also provides account history including good/cleared transactions and returned items, both paid and unpaid. We offer an OFAC-check as an option to all RVD transactions.

  • What makes RVD Unique?

    RVD was designed to recognize consumer payment habits today, not 20 years ago. RVD Advantage Lite, RVD, RVD Advantage and RVD Plus all allow multiple programmable risk parameters to monitor and manage returns. In addition to providing a decision code on each transaction, RVD also returns important history of transactions on the MICR including the last date a return was reported and the average number of days it takes for the consumer to pay a return. It will also return names and telephone numbers of the account user when resident in RVD to help you confirm identity and reduce skip tracing costs.

  • How secure is RVD?

    RVD uses the same security protocols as large banks and major credit card companies. This includes PCI DSS 3.0, SSAE16 Type II Sox1, AICPA, 256 BIT SSL.

  • How do I pay for RVD?

    With RVD you pay based on usage. The rate per transaction is reduced as you use RVD more frequently.

  • What kind of product support do you provide?

    RVD offers both technical and customer service support to businesses using our products. In addition to online chat which is available during regular business hours during the business week, RVD also has dedicated Toll free numbers and inbound email addresses for support purposes. Product support is completely free of charge. All consumer disputes are handled within the strict guidelines of the FCRA.

  • How long has RVD been around?

    MicroBilt, the company that built and operates RVD has been working in the data services space for nearly forty years and was among the first to deliver risk management services online in the nascent stages of the commercial World Wide Web.

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RVD is only available to businesses.