Payment Exchange Solutions

Offer your customers an alternative way to pay their bill.


Payment Exchange Solutions allows you to offer consumers multiple ways to pay a debt using non-cash collateral.


With Payment Exchange Solutions you an offer your customers a means of trading in their silver, gold, unused gift cards, small electronics (cell phones, laptops, tablets) and other valuables and then have that value applied to an outstanding debt.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Consumers access the Payment Exchange Solutions website via a button placed on your web site.
  2. The consumer then creates a log in and prints a prepaid UPS label to mail in their merchandise.
  3. Once received, we emails an exchange offer to consumer which they can then accept of reject.
  4. If accepted, all money paid for the items shipped is remitted directly to you – not the consumer.

All postage and shipping associated with Payment Exchange Solutions transactions are paid for by MicroBilt.


Payment Exchange Solutions allow you to easily and conveniently accept alternatives to cash for payment of consumer’s debt.

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