Mobile Device Verify

Confirm the mobile phone submitted on a financial services application.

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The world has gone mobile. For most people, a mobile phone is their primary contact point. It’s where they take calls, get texts and open email. MicroBilt’s Mobile Device Verification helps businesses confirm the mobile phone submitted on a financial services application is valid and owned by the applicant, offering another layer of defense to mitigate fraud risks and protect consumers against identity theft. 

This service is only offered to credentialed businesses with an approved business use.  Consumer consent is also required before attempting to verify any mobile device information.


Upon receiving an application and securing consent to verify their mobile phone information, Mobile Device Verification will confirm the submitted Name, Address and Mobile Number matches the information on file with the wireless carrier. When this information cannot be confirmed, risk indicators are delivered to flag higher risk applications that require further verification. 

Additionally, Mobile Device Verification can be used to verify the application address is near the subject’s mobile device location. This method of verification helps to overcome the challenges of combatting fraudsters who may be using third party or synthetic identities on an application. Finding out the application address is hundreds of miles away from the mobile phone submitted offers valuable insight into potential fraud against both the business and consumer that may have had their identity stolen.


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Only available through a comprehensive credentialing process and requires consumer consent.

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