As America’s premiere alternative credit report on consumers, the Connect Credit Report allows businesses to evaluate the relative risk, credit worthiness and ability to pay of applicants who trigger a ‘not hit’ or ‘thin file’ responses when a traditional credit report is requested.


As a supplementary data set to traditional credit reports, The Connect Credit Agency reports on and applicant’s payment habits as concerns other expenses and obligations in their lives including:

  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Mobile phone accounts

The Connect Consumer Report returns decision-critical information such as:

  • Connect Score for alternative credit risk scoring
  • Alternative credit trade lines (i.e. rent, utilities, short term loans, etc.)
  • Banking inquiries
  • Positive and negative retail bank transaction items
  • Bank account closures
  • Bankruptcy, lien, judgment and eviction records
  • Real property ownership
  • Personal identifying information (i.e. SSN, DOB, DL number, aliases, phones)
  • Current and previous address history
  • Identity verification attributes


About 100,000,000 Americans have little or no credit history on file with the traditional credit bureaus. Yet many of these people are responsible consumers with steady incomes. The Connect Consumer Report allows businesses to pre-screen and evaluate often-overlooked potential customers. In doing so, your business can tap a huge potential market.

The Connect Consumer Report is used by many industries including retail finance (furniture, jewelry), rent-to-own finance, buy-here-pay-here auto finance, tenant screening and residential service screening (security alarms, water delivery, etc.)

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