PRBC Credit Builder is a complete consumer lending platform powered by the industry’s most comprehensive alternative credit database.

Chances are you’re turning away credit-worthy customers.  Millions of otherwise good customers have no traditional credit scores. They are often rejected outright. A missed opportunity for them and you.


PRBC Credit Builder uses a two-pronged approach to lending - combining our powerful database and algorithms with a website that allows consumers to contribute data we then verify. This gives your customer a sense of control and makes you look good to them, and regulators.

PRBC Credit Builder delivers four complimentary services in a single powerful product:

  • Fast, accurate and predictive alternative credit scores for loan origination.
  • An insightful consumer credit report and score for consumers.
  • A website that empowers customers to manage their score.
  • A dynamic online marketplace where customers can find your business.


Alternative credit data fills the void for customers with no traditional credit tradelines. By using banking, utilities, mobile phones and subscription data PRBC Credit Builder can predict the likelihood that a customer will repay a loan.

Called “alternative credit data” these additional tradelines are so powerful that even the “Big Three” bureaus are investing. New to them, alternative credit data is something Microbilt has been working with for years. Our database is unsurpassed and with years to refine our algorithms PRBC Credit Builder delivers a true advantage in loan originations.

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