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MicroBilt’s Genesis Initiative Re-imagines Business DataStaple data tools redesigned for a new economy

KENNESAW, GA, Jan 14, 2013

Risk management leader MicroBilt plans to give the world of business data a much-needed shot in the arm. That’s the goal of the Genesis Initiative, a comprehensive update on some of the most fundamental tools that businesses use to manage...

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MicroBilt, A Leader in Risk Management Data, Introduces a Suite of WorldWide Products at the 2012 WCCRC

KENNESAW, GA, Oct 20, 2012

Already the leader in providing breakthrough risk management data solutions, MicroBilt’s data is going international with its WorldWide KnowledgeTM suite of business products. The suite leverages background screening and business data, which has the...

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MicroBilt Introduces SPOT Verified Place of Employment (POE) Services at Low Fixed Fees

KENNESAW, GA, Oct 02, 2012

MicroBilt’s SPOT Verified POE (Place of Employment) Services leverages multiple proprietary databases and public sources in order to deliver the industry’s highest possible verified hit rates, all for a flat fee. MicroBilt will verify the debtor’s...

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MicroBilt’s “Instant Bank Verification” Product Wins Top Industry Award -- OLA’s 2012 Innovation Award

KENNESAW, GA, Sep 24, 2012

MicroBilt’s recently minted “Instant Bank Verification” (IBV) product takes top honors at OLA’s 2012 Leadership and Innovation Conference. The 2012 Innovation Award recognizes IBV’s outstanding contribution to the online lending industry. Among...

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Integration with MicroBilt's Instant Bank Verification now available to EPIC Loan System clients

KENNESAW, GA, Sep 16, 2012

EPIC Loan Systems has announced the completion and release of their integration with the Instant Bank Verification (IBV) solution offered by MicroBilt. IBV allows EPIC customers to assess risk and bank account status of applicants, giving much...

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