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Stratfor works to gain back subscriber trust

Jan 02, 2012 Karen Umpierre

Days after intelligence analysis publisher Strategic Forecasting (Stratfor) had its network hacked by online civil disobedience group Anonymous, the Austin, Texas-based firm provided affected customers with one free year of identity theft protection, Forbes reports. Hackers pilfered Stratfor's confidential client list of around 4,000 individuals, businesses and private corporations, compiling details of a reported 90,000 credit card accounts. In a strange twist, some of the hacked accounts were used to dispense donations to charities under fraudulent identity authentication. Anonymous noted that Stratfor neglected to encrypt its subscribers' credit card numbers and other personal information, leaving itself open to such an attack. "We deeply regret that this event has occurred, and we are working to prevent it from happening again," Stratfor CEO George Friedman said in a letter to subscribers, as quoted by Forbes in a separate article. The company's website has been down for days, and will likely remain down until security is improved, which representatives state may take up to one week. For now, subscribers will receive updates and information via email.