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Police chief wants documents sealed

Jan 10, 2011 Matt Roesly

A police chief in one Virginia city is asking a judge to allow public court records, which were posted online, to be sealed once again, saying that the documents' release put the public in harm's way.

 The Times Dispatch reports that Richmond Police Chief Bryan T. Norwood filed a complain in court asking that hundred of documents, recently given to an anarchist group, be removed because of the dangerous nature of the group. Norwood says that one of the people requesting the document, Mo Karn, is an anarchist and that the documents were not subject to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act. "In the present circumstances, the dissemination of these documents in any form to the public jeopardizes and endangers Richmond police officers and citizens," Norwood said in making his request for the documents to be seized, according to the news source. "Specifically, this information includes tactical plans for what police do in emergency situations." The Montana Supreme Court is in the middle of an online court records battle. The state's highest court will rule on whether making the documents public puts people in danger.