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Pennsylvania county streamlines debt collection processes via web-based initiative

Jul 15, 2011 Mike Garretson

An online payment method that allows York County, Pennsylvania, residents to pay court fees, fines and restitution electronically was recently expanded to include district judges' offices, according to the York Dispatch. The expansion was intended to improve the success of the county's debt collection efforts by making it easier for defendants to make payments. "The expectations are that because of the convenience … we're going to increase - or at the very least speed up - our collections," court administrator J. Robert Chuk told the news source. Defendants can make online payments using a debit or credit card. In addition to facilitating the process for defendants, court efficiency is also expected to rise as the result of a decrease in office visits. Additionally, court personnel are likely to experience a reduction in the amount of time they spend entering payment information manually, which will free them up to work on other tasks. The county collected $3,000 in the first week the service was available, the news source reports. According to WHP-TV News, the money needed to fund the initiative was absorbed by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts at no cost to the county.