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Lenders can help graduates manage student loans

Dec 03, 2012 Philip Burgess

Consumer debt reached a record $2.74 trillion in September, according to the Federal Reserve, with student and automotive loans driving much of the debt. While total consumer borrowing increased $11.4 billion, the sector that includes student and auto loans jumped $14.3 billion, with federal student loans rising 13.8 billion. In the past four years, student and auto debt has increased 21.2 percent. At the same time, short term lenders can help students with regard to their credit reports. A recent article by Fox Business suggested that graduates who are struggling to manage their debt should work with their lenders to find a viable solution. "Banks look for consistency, [payment history], and the income that the borrower actually has," Orlando Espinosa, president of marketing and outreach at ScholarshipProz, told the news source. Espinosa added that graduates should "wait until you start making payments on your student loan to show that your credit history shows regular payments." A deferred account, she said, can lower a person's credit score, which in turn can affect his or her ability to receive a loan in the future.