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Job applicants at increasing risk of identity theft

Oct 26, 2012 Dave King

As the economy continues to rebound from the lulls of the Great Recession, businesses have increased hiring in recent months. Background screening has been of major importance, while new challenges associated with the digital era continue to pop up. A recent report revealed that identity theft has become an increasing issue related to the hiring process. FunEducation recently reported that because individuals looking for jobs put more information online than ever before, and employers hold personal information of applicants longer, identity theft has spiked as a result. According to the news provider, businesses need to work to decrease this threat by following best practices. "Although the internet has revolutionized job-hunting, making it a lot easier for job seekers to find openings, and for recruiters to find job seekers, commonsense is required in order to protect yourself," cyber security expert Stephen Cobb explained to CBS MoneyWatch, according to FunEducation. Businesses can decrease the risks associated with identity theft by ensuring the integrity of all systems that hold personal information, as well as following best practices related to data storage and transfer.