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ID verification services assessed

Jan 31, 2013 Dave King

ID verification services assessed

Identity theft has affected an increasing number of consumers and businesses with the passing of each year, and many lawmakers are continuing to push more stringent regulations to better defend the population from fraud. Business executives need to be proactive when formulating an ID verification strategy, as failure to keep corporate and personal information secure could lead to serious financial losses and damaged reputations.

One member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Randy Hutchinson, recently wrote an article for Commercial Appeal which explained the best practices of ID verification, as well as the benefits of employing the assistance of a firm that specializes in the services. According to the expert, identity theft protection services can be difficult to sift through, and are very similar to insurance products.

Hutchinson explained that business executives should always look for ID verification service providers that have a long history of success, and avoid those that make promises which would be impossible to uphold. Further, the author asserted that executives should always look for service providers that are transparent in their practices and clearly outline their responsibilities.

Businesses should consider hiring such firms to defend against the potential issues following either personal or corporate identity theft.