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Holidays are the prime time for ID thieves

Nov 21, 2013 Dave King

Holidays are the prime time for ID thieves

With the holiday season in full swing, consumers are breaking out their credit cards to do some much-needed shopping for family and friends. However, while it 'tis the season to give, some criminals see it as a prime time to take.

According to a recent survey from IDentity Theft 911, shoppers' distraction and stress during the holiday shopping season makes them more vulnerable to identity theft and cybercrime, in particular, NBC News reported. The study showed that consumers are growing too complacent about safety.

Specifically, if needed to complete a purchase online, 21 percent of respondents would provide their mother's maiden name, 14 percent would offer a family member's birthday and 2 percent would actually give out their Social Security number - something no one should ever do.

Cyber Monday will be one day consumers will need to be particularly alert. Moneylife wrote that scammers and hackers have been prepping for the possibilities this day offers, making it potentially the most dangerous day of the year to shop. Cybersecurity specialist and engineering professor at DeVry University Bob Bunge's advice: Stay off your computer, the news source wrote.