In House Collections Versus Using 3rd Party Collections Agency

Dec 20, 2010 Kyle Duncan

During any economic cycle, a certain amount of bad debt is just part of doing business, but in the current economic climate, lending has become more challenging.  If you are a creditor and you are struggling to recover money on bad loans,

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Mistaken Identities in Debt Collection Industry

Sep 24, 2010 Kyle Duncan

The debt collection industry in the US has grown from small local businesses to large companies with nationwide reach. As the industry has, it has become more regulated with the implementation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act of 1977.

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Buying Old Debts

Jul 30, 2010 Kyle Duncan

In recent years, some aggressive debt buyers and investors that buy multimillion-dollar debt portfolios that have been charged off by credit-card companies and other lenders for cents on the dollar with a plan to collect enough debts to turn

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