Check vs. ACH; Yes, there is a huge difference for the Fraudsters

Apr 11, 2012 Dave King

Are your check verification procedures robust enough to keep the fraudsters at bay? Online fraud is becoming a serious epidemic worldwide, and so far, it just keeps getting worse. In the last couple years, hacking attacks have quickly moved

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When is a Check Not a Check?

Apr 04, 2012 Dave King

When it is taken electronically or more commonly known, as a “customer-not-present” transaction. There are very few tools to manage risk for such transactions. At least in a face to face transaction the check acceptor has the option

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The Customer Not Present ACH Risk

Feb 02, 2012 Dave King

If you run a business that processes electronic payments, one of your biggest concerns is the threat of fraud. Because of the “blind” nature of Internet transactions, any online payment is potentially a Customer Not Present situation,

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WEB ACH vs ACH Card Transactions: Which has the greater risk?

Jan 04, 2012 Dave King

If your business involves any online sales or payments, one of the most important decisions you have to make is how to handle your financial transactions. One common question is whether web-based credit card transactions or web ACH payments

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