Simple Guide to Credit Risk Management

Sep 13, 2011 Brian Bradley

While there are a number of available tools that can assist a bank or lending institution in their Credit Risk Management procedures, there are some basic practices that form a foundation for assessment.  The credit report, when properly

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Ways To Improve Business Credit Scores

Aug 20, 2011 Brian Bradley

If you own a business and want to be approved for a loan, a credit line, a lease agreement, or any other financial transaction, it's very important to have a strong business credit history to rely on. Based on a good business credit score,

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Is My Business subject to Red Flags?

May 13, 2011 Brian Bradley

Identity thieves can cause absolute mayhem for consumers and businesses.  After a number of postponements, the Red Flag Rules went into effect on December 31st, 2010.   Financial institutions and creditors are now required to

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What's In Store for the Auto Industry in 2011

Apr 08, 2011 Brian Bradley

As the US auto industry slowly pulls itself back from the brink of collapse, signs of a comeback in 2011 are on the horizon. Since last spring, two leading economists at the NADA/IHS Global Insight Forum in NYC predicted a return to more

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The Short Comings of Dodd-Frank Act

Dec 09, 2010 Brian Bradley

In July, a week before the Dodd - Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was signed into law, Viral V Acharya, Professor of Finance at Stern School of Business, New York University and co-editor of NYU Stern's forthcoming

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