The Top 5 Little White Lies of Resume Fraud

Aug 13, 2010 Brian Bradley

Back in late July I discussed the importance of doing adequate background checks on job applicants in order to protect your company from résumé fraud and the possible repercussions of a bad hire. But what are the particular areas

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Identifying Resume Fraud with Adequate Background Checks

Jul 28, 2010 Brian Bradley

Background checks are a must in today's business climate.   It is your company's responsibility to know the employee as thoroughly as possible.  If not, you open yourself to a number of potential consequences, some of them very

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Tips for a Successful Authentication Program

Jul 23, 2010 Brian Bradley

Developing a reliable and effective authentication program will help an organization reduce instances of identity theft and prevent unauthorized access to personal data.  It can also help to reduce costs, improve customer service and employee

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Credit Reports as a Background Screening Tool

Jul 09, 2010 Brian Bradley

It is important for an employer to be prudent in the screening of prospective, as well as current, employees.  Without a proper background check, a business exposes itself to significant risks from unqualified, dishonest, and even dangerous

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