Check Fraud - New Standards of Care Required

Oct 14, 2010 Matt Vitko

Check fraud is an increasing economic crime these days and no business is immune to this threat.  Yet many companies have not taken the probability of check fraud seriously, especially because banks were often held responsible for check

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Why Support Increased Lending for Credit Unions

Oct 07, 2010 Joe Dejoseph

Credit unions operate like banks in many ways and offer similar consumer services offered by banks. However, less than one-third of credit unions make business loans and not all credit unions offer business services such as business checking

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The Auto Industry After the Mid-Term Elections

Oct 01, 2010 Brian Bradley

The outcome of November's mid-term elections (the Republicans gained control of the house and weakened the Democrats majority in the Senate) has changed the prospects for a variety of economical aspects, including those of the auto industry.

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Mistaken Identities in Debt Collection Industry

Sep 24, 2010 Kyle Duncan

The debt collection industry in the US has grown from small local businesses to large companies with nationwide reach. As the industry has, it has become more regulated with the implementation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act of 1977.

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Community Bankers Against Raising Business Lending Cap for Credit Unions

Sep 20, 2010 Joe Dejoseph

The new Small Business bill contains an amendment that would more than double the business lending cap from 12.25% of total assets to 27.5% for Credit Unions. While Credit Unions officials continue to lobby Congress for this raising of the

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