Knowing the Difference Between ID Verification and ID Authentication

Nov 12, 2010 Brian Bradley

Because consumer interactions are evolving it is very important not only for simple banks' clients but also for every business owner to understand what the difference between ID Verification and ID Authentication is. We'll try to explain what

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Id Verification And Knowing Your Customers Better

Nov 03, 2010 Brian Bradley

Knowing the customer and understanding the critical role that consumer identity verification and authentication plays in everyday transactions is of the essence in today's digital business world. More and more innovations in convenience, security

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Ensuring the Security of Your Business

Oct 20, 2010 Brian Bradley

Making your business secure and a safe place for customers to do business and employees to work may not seem like the highest priority right now in this recession as you scramble for new business and look for ways to control costs.  It's

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The Auto Industry After the Mid-Term Elections

Oct 01, 2010 Brian Bradley

The outcome of November's mid-term elections (the Republicans gained control of the house and weakened the Democrats majority in the Senate) has changed the prospects for a variety of economical aspects, including those of the auto industry.

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Reasons to Support Limiting the Size of Banks

Sep 12, 2010 Brian Bradley

In last week's blog, Financial Institutions Too Big To Fail, I discussed limiting the size of banks and the proposed Brown-Kaufman amendment. Brown-Kaufman has generated a real debate and many pro arguments were heard, as well as against. To

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