The Future of Lending Beyond the FICO Score

Feb 09, 2012 Todd Milner

When it comes to building or rebuilding one's credit, a low or nonexistent FICO score has often proved to be an extremely large obstacle when applying for any type of credit lines at all.  However, many smaller, non-traditional lenders

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Build Customer Loyalty by Helping Them Become Credit Worthy

Dec 15, 2011 Admin

Many consumers who are considered by traditional credit bureaus to be "thin" or "no file" could benefit from better alternative consumer reports when their bills are paid regularly and their income is consistent. These underbanked consumers

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Credit Reports and More: Multiple Data Sources Leads to Better Business Decision Making

Dec 01, 2011 Admin

When your goal is growing your company, information is key. As your business expands -- and your customer base expands along with it -- the maxim holds true: The better informed you are, the better business decisions you’ll make. The

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Help Increase You’re Collection Agency Partner's Success

Nov 16, 2011 Admin

Debt collection is a very dynamic, complex field and requires a disciplined approach. A collection manager’s primary responsibility is to prevent unnecessary losses while controlling costs and providing good customer service.  Nowadays,

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Simple Guide to Credit Risk Management

Sep 13, 2011 Brian Bradley

While there are a number of available tools that can assist a bank or lending institution in their Credit Risk Management procedures, there are some basic practices that form a foundation for assessment.  The credit report, when properly

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