The Future of Lending Beyond the FICO Score

Feb 09, 2012 Todd Milner

When it comes to building or rebuilding one's credit, a low or nonexistent FICO score has often proved to be an extremely large obstacle when applying for any type of credit lines at all.  However, many smaller, non-traditional lenders

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Knowing the Difference Between ID Verification and ID Authentication

Nov 12, 2010 Brian Bradley

Because consumer interactions are evolving it is very important not only for simple banks' clients but also for every business owner to understand what the difference between ID Verification and ID Authentication is. We'll try to explain what

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Id Verification And Knowing Your Customers Better

Nov 03, 2010 Brian Bradley

Knowing the customer and understanding the critical role that consumer identity verification and authentication plays in everyday transactions is of the essence in today's digital business world. More and more innovations in convenience, security

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Check Fraud - New Standards of Care Required

Oct 14, 2010 Matt Vitko

Check fraud is an increasing economic crime these days and no business is immune to this threat.  Yet many companies have not taken the probability of check fraud seriously, especially because banks were often held responsible for check

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FTC Red Flag Rules Explained

Aug 20, 2010 Brian Bradley

A lot of people have heard about the Red Flag Rules and know that businesses need to make changes to comply with them, but understanding the process is imperative for an organization or company to efficiently implement those rules. The Federal

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