Is My Business subject to Red Flags?

May 13, 2011 Brian Bradley

Identity thieves can cause absolute mayhem for consumers and businesses.  After a number of postponements, the Red Flag Rules went into effect on December 31st, 2010.   Financial institutions and creditors are now required to

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The Short Comings of Dodd-Frank Act

Dec 09, 2010 Brian Bradley

In July, a week before the Dodd - Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was signed into law, Viral V Acharya, Professor of Finance at Stern School of Business, New York University and co-editor of NYU Stern's forthcoming

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Changing the Precision of Predictive Analytics in Consumer Credit

Nov 22, 2010 Matt Vitko

Not long after the Dallas Cowboys unveiled the largest HD 1080p video screen in the world,  buzz from those who had a chance to see the video display in person described the quality to be so detailed that the Dallas cheerleaders had to

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Borrowers With Good Credit Duped Into Higher Interest Loans

Oct 22, 2010 Joe Dejoseph

In any company, an aggressive business strategy can generate an uptick in revenue, but at what cost? In the finance industry, aggressive subprime lending came at the cost of the now failed housing market.  You may be surprised to know

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Reasons to Support Limiting the Size of Banks

Sep 12, 2010 Brian Bradley

In last week's blog, Financial Institutions Too Big To Fail, I discussed limiting the size of banks and the proposed Brown-Kaufman amendment. Brown-Kaufman has generated a real debate and many pro arguments were heard, as well as against. To

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