CFPB Examination - Module 3: Payment Processing and Sustained Use

Mar 14, 2012 Admin

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve covered the details surrounding Module 1, Marketing, and Module 2, Application and Originations, of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  And now it’s time to move on to Module 3, Payment

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CFPB Examination - Module 2: Application and Originations Explained

Mar 07, 2012 Admin

Last week I covered Module 1, Marketing, of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Examination guidelines and so this week I like to move ahead to Module 2 of the examination.  Application and Originations.  Applications

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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Examination - Module 1: Marketing Explained

Feb 29, 2012 Admin

When the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau audits or reviews a payday or short term lending firm, they will look for a variety of risk factors associated with fraudulent or unethical lending. In the ever-changing world of online short term

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ODFI Fraud Risk: Not Just a Merchants Problem

Feb 15, 2012 Admin

ACH fraud is not an issue which affects consumers and businesses alone – there is also originating depository financial institutions (ODFI) fraud risk.  Anyone who has completed a transaction via phone or internet to pay for goods

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The Future of Lending Beyond the FICO Score

Feb 09, 2012 Todd Milner

When it comes to building or rebuilding one's credit, a low or nonexistent FICO score has often proved to be an extremely large obstacle when applying for any type of credit lines at all.  However, many smaller, non-traditional lenders

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