Identifying Resume Fraud with Adequate Background Checks

Jul 28, 2010 Brian Bradley

Background checks are a must in today's business climate.   It is your company's responsibility to know the employee as thoroughly as possible.  If not, you open yourself to a number of potential consequences, some of them very

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Credit Reports as a Background Screening Tool

Jul 09, 2010 Brian Bradley

It is important for an employer to be prudent in the screening of prospective, as well as current, employees.  Without a proper background check, a business exposes itself to significant risks from unqualified, dishonest, and even dangerous

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Property Management and the Pitfalls of Security Deposits

Jun 25, 2010 Matt Roesly

Investing in a residential rental property can be profitable if they avoid the common pitfalls. In order to be a successful landlord, it is imperative that you learn the requirements for the state where the property is located and manage the

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