D&B: Satisfying your business information needs?

Mar 27, 2020 Gerano White

With the economic cycle climbing uncertainly out of a recession, business managers face growth opportunities with new potential clients that need careful vetting. This is a special challenge for equipment leasing campanies and other small

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Judgment Recovery Collections - 8 Tips for Success

Jan 09, 2019 Randy Mosteller

Winning a lawsuit is only half the battle. Judgment collections can take months or even years. As a debt collector, you know how difficult it can be to track down missing money. If a plaintiff comes to your company for help collecting a legal

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CFPB Examination - Module 3: Payment Processing and Sustained Use

Dec 19, 2018 Admin

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve covered the details surrounding Module 1, Marketing, and Module 2, Application and Originations, of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  And now it’s time to move on to Module 3, Payment

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The Age of Mobile: Is your Short-term Lending Business Prepared?

Dec 14, 2018 Todd Milner

What can you do in a payday lender storefront that you can't do with mobile phone short-term lending?  I can't think of a thing!  We’ve reached the age of mobile and it’s rapidly becoming an individual necessity in the

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Check vs. ACH; Yes, there is a huge difference for the Fraudsters

Apr 11, 2012 Dave King

Are your check verification procedures robust enough to keep the fraudsters at bay? Online fraud is becoming a serious epidemic worldwide, and so far, it just keeps getting worse. In the last couple years, hacking attacks have quickly moved

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