Driver's License Verification
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Verify Identity with MicroBilt's Driver's License Verification

MicroBilt's Driver's License Verification product is used at the point-of-sale to validate customer identity and substantially reduce identity fraud exposure using driver's license information.

The Driver's License Verification product offers:

  • Effectiveness - Experience full cost recovery within months, with an average fraud reduction rate of 80 percent.
  • Efficiency - Conduct a point-of-service verification in seconds and automatically capture and verify consumer data quickly and accurately.
  • Ease of use - Driver's License Verifier features a simple, intuitive interface that is easy to learn with minimal training.
  • Flexibility - Driver's License Verification can be used in any face-to-face transaction that requires you to verify identity.

When Should I Use This Product?

  • Tenant Screening - Use to verify prospective tenant identity and also capture picture of driver's license and attach to the application.
  • Pre-Employment Screening - Use to verify prospective employee verification and also capture picture of driver's license and attach to the application.
  • Financial Institutions - Use for check cashing, account opening verification, regulatory compliance with the USA Patriot Act, instant credit on loan applications and more.
  • Retail - Use the product to verify identity for instant credit retrieval, age verification and return/refund fraud.
  • Automotive - Use driver's license information to verify identity for test drives, age verification, sales follow-up, instant pre-qualification on credit retrieval and cross sell for insurance products.
  • Insurance - Use to verify identity for life insurance application verification, claims fraud, regulatory compliance and ID theft insurance.
  • Health Care - Use driver's license information for claims fraud, regulatory compliance and records access

What Data Sources Are Searched?

Driver's License Verification searches more than 19 billion public and proprietary records to instantly verify identity based on basic driver's license information and potentially fraudulent identities.

What Information Is Returned?

The Driver's License Verification will automatically verify identity against known matches such as…

  • The zip code matches the state.
  • The last name matches the address.
  • The Social Security Number matches the first and last name.
  • The Social Security Number issue date is within a valid date range.
  • The Social Security Number is not listed as deceased.
  • Option for subject to meet specified age requirements.
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