Risk Verification Database Plus

Multiple data sources give you the clearest picture of a bank account’s status.


Risk Verification Database (rVd) Plus combines the historical power of MicroBilt’s Risk Verification Database with multiple banking, retail, and billing sources to predict the current status of the bank account.  rVd targets unauthorized and administrative return codes and allows you to accept more payments while reducing “fatal” returns.

It is the fastest growing ACH verification service in the industry. Only four (4) years old, we recently surpassed One Billion records in the rVd database. rVd is a shared service in which users share their historical ACH records with the goal of making the ACH industry safer for all processors, gateways, merchants, online users and mobile wallets. The projectile growth of rVd is credited with the accuracy in our responses in real-time and our vast knowledge of consumer validation in the alternative finance space. Recent enhancements include OFAC processing and Account Structure Scoring.

Risk Verification Database Plus can accessed via API, batch processing or online interface.


Risk Verification Database Plus:

  • Leverages MicroBilt’s database of over 1,000,000,000 real-time consumer records - including under-banked (“thin file”) consumers not available with any other service.
  • Matches consumer names and provides known telephone numbers
  • Provides account history of prior transactions including both good/cleared transactions and returned/unpaid debits
  • Details age of the account and last date Risk Verification Database has seen activity on the account.
  • Identifies closed, pending-closed and frozen bank accounts
  • Predicts administrative and unauthorized returns and identifies them before they occur

The Risk Verification Database dynamically updates consumer accounts with multiple daily input files. Each record is automated and tracked for timeliness and accuracy.


Risk Verification Database Plus is used to safeguards financial institutions, ACH processors, remote deposit customers, retailers and debt buyers from returns and non-sufficient funds fees.

It also helps businesses manage portfolio risk and is critical to meeting the “know your customers” requirements mandated by banks in an ongoing processing relationship.

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