Mobile Device Verify

Know the who, what, when and where of all 240 million smartphones in the U.S.


The world has gone mobile. For most people, a mobile phone is their primary contact point. It’s where they take calls, get texts and open email. MicroBilt’s Mobile Device Verify lets you confirm the account information and location of any mobile phone - smart of feature - in the United States.

Businesses use Mobile Device Verify to help with identity verification, loan origination, and skip tracing and collections.


There are three ways to use Mobile Device Verify:

Verify an account

Submit first name, last name, address and wireless number and Mobile Device Verify can verify this information with the wireless carrier returning this valuable data:

  • First name, last name, and address
  • Line type - wireless, land or VOIP
  • Carrier name
  • Service status - active, inactive, etc.
  • Service type - contact, non-contract, lifeline, free, etc.
  • Service duration - how long the number has been in service
  • Account type - individual, commercial, government, etc.
  • Port duration- months and years since the number was ported to the carrier


Verify a location

Mobile Device Verify can also confirm the location of a device based on a submitted number, returning helpful location information including:

  • Verification of submitted location
  • Current/last geolocation of the device with a timestamp
  • Geolocation latitude and longitude coordinates
  • Estimated location accuracy given available towers for triangulation
  • Proximity of current location to submitted location


Verify - and monitor - both account and location

Mobile Device Verify also offers a powerful monitoring feature whereby the account and location information can be verified, and you can set up monitoring with control over the weeks, days and evens hours that location on a device is checked as well as the start and end dates of monitoring. On-demand reporting is available throughout the duration of a monitoring period.



Whether you’re confirming a customer’s identity, trying to track down delinquent debtor, or simple adding more data to your loan originations process, MicroBilt’s Mobile Device Verify is the right tool for today’s mobile-centric world.

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