Address Search

Find someone’s current or former address, phone numbers and AKA's.


Address Search is an advanced skip tracing tool that offers expanded sourcing, flexible request options and a simple report structure for locating an individual’s current address, previous address history, associated phone numbers, and aliases.


Address Search offers control over the skip trace process by allowing searches to be conducted using any combination of SSN, name and/or address.  This search will return all matching records based on the submitted criteria in a list format that can be scanned and analyzed quickly and easily to identify and locate all relevant and useful contact information.

Data returned includes:

  • SSN
  • Date of Birth
  • Name and aliases
  • Current and previous addresses
  • Associated phone numbers
  • First and last seen dates

In addition to the request and deliver advantages, MicroBilt Address Search’s sourcing strategy offers users seamless access to expanded header and compiled data.


Address Search assists collections and recovery users with locating addresses and phones on hard-to-find skips.

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