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Instant Bank Verification - Consumer

Verify banking and identity by looking back at transactional data.


Real-time transactional data from over 20,000 financial institutions worldwide. Instant Bank Verification verifies a bank account in real-time and provides up-to-date bank statements and multiple identity verifications.  Billed only on usage (‘hits’ only) and there is no implementation fee. IBV is available in the United States, Canada and the UK and operates in full compliance with all applicable current laws and regulations.


Use Instant Bank Verification to:

  • Automated replacement to accept bank statements
  • Eliminate the need for consumers to email or fax statements
  • Eliminate fraudulent bank statements
  • Verify an applicant’s ability to repay a loan
  • Verify income and direct-deposit accounts
  • Verify an individual’s current and available account balances
  • Verify an SSN/SIN*
  • Verify Address and telephone number details*
  • Discover an individual’s other financial obligations and loans

*subject to availability based on location


Used for underwriting, Instant Bank Verification reduces the time needed for loan decisioning, eliminates paper and is FCRA compliant.

When combined with DailyData and BalanceChek products, Instant Bank Verification can also be used for debt recovery by monitoring account balance and ACH transactions.

Instant Bank Verification is safe, secure and industry compliant including the provisions of PCI DSS 3.0 regulations. Through Instant Bank Verification data is scoreable, customizable and fully automated. With a full summary report and 150+ data points returned.

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