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Enhanced People Search

Skip tracing and identity verification has never been easier.


A comprehensive skip tracing tool for locating individuals and getting critical identity and contact information.


Enhanced People Search helps you locate and identify the personal history of an individual by returning data sources from millions of public records, credit bureau data, over 200+ telephone databases and data directly reported to MicroBilt.

Your Enhanced People Search report includes:

  • Name
  • AKA’s
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number and validation
  • Known email addresses
  • Current address
  • Address Summary containing previous addresses with details such as address validation, reporting dates, delivery information accompanied by USPS Barcodes and phone numbers associated with address.
  • Phone Summary with status, listing and phone type, carrier name and last reported date.
  • OFAC Alert
  • Date of death and Death Master File verification
  • Identification of high risk profile
  • Summary header of reported and verified matches
  • Data reporting dates


Enhanced People Search is the primary tool used by collections and recovery professionals for cost-effective skip tracing.

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