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Bank Account Prescreen

Verify their banking information before you do business with them.

MicroBilt’s bank account prescreening products make it easy to verify someone’s banking information before you conduct transactions. And predictive analytics mean you can do business with confidence that you know who you’re dealing with and can assess their ability to pay.
ABA Search

A cross-institutional view of a consumer banking activity.

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Risk Verification Database Basic

Risk Verification Database (rVd) Basic looks at historical data on a bank account to predict if an electronic check or ACH debit will process without returning.

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Risk Verification Database Advantage

Risk Verification Database (rVd) Advantage combines MicroBilt’s Risk Verification Database with the ability to validate that the structure of an account is correct for the issuing bank.

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Risk Verification Database Plus

Risk Verification Database (rVd) Plus combines the historical power of MicroBilt’s Risk Verification Database with multiple banking, retail, and billing sources to predict the current status of the bank account.

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OFAC Watchlist Add-On Enhancement

Easily added to Risk Verification Database Basic or Plus, the OFAC Watchlist Add-On Enhancement is a simple and efficient means of comparing the name of any consumer initiating a transaction to the OFAC prohibited list, thereby keeping your business compliance with federal requirements.

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