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ABA Search

A cross-institutional view of a consumer banking activity.


The ABA Search tool is used to validate the bank routing and account number of a checking account and to confirm the bank name and contact information associated with the routing number.


Your ABA Search report will:

  • Confirm the provided bank routing number is a valid US bank routing number
  • Indicate if the bank routing number will accept ACH debit transactions
  • Provide a new bank routing number if it the original has changed
  • Check to ensure the provided account number follows the structure of an account number issued by the financial institution associated with the bank routing number.
  • Provide the bank name associated with the bank routing number
  • Provide the bank contact information associated with the bank routing number.


Primarily used to validate bank information before creating a debit to a bank account or to quickly confirm bank information and assets to prepare civil or criminal actions on a delinquent borrower/debtor.

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