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New laws for secondary debt collectors announced

clock August 22, 2014 12:22 by author Philip N Burgess Jr MicroBilt
Workers in any given industry have to carefully abide by laws, though that might not seem overly apparent. For instance, when a consumer enters a clothing store, that facility must have enough exits, the proper lighting, displays set a certain width apart, cannot have too many products on one shelf and so on.The debt collection sector is all too aw... [More]

What do consumers know about debt collection?

clock August 15, 2014 09:02 by author Philip N Burgess Jr Princeton NJ
We live in an age where people have access to an inconceivable amount of information at almost any given time. When individuals are walking down the street, shopping at a store or even waiting for hours in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles, chances are good that they have a phone with Internet capabilities in a pocket or purse. With a smartp... [More]

Alternative finance could use big data to make corporate lending easier

clock August 11, 2014 09:28 by author Walt Wojciechowski
Any lender, whether the situation concerns a traditional bank or an alternative finance company, likely has a treasure trove of data. Even alternative credit sources have to look into borrowers' credit scores - though they might choose to hone in on a Payment Reporting Builds Credit ranking rather than FICO - and they also likely have contact infor... [More]

Where can consumers go to find alternative credit?

clock August 7, 2014 08:44 by author Sean Albert
People can very generally be split into two categories - those who like to follow the rules and are comfortable adhering to a strict set of guidelines and those who would rather think outside the box and remain creative in all aspects of their lives. This theory might be best related to what kind of a job an individual seeks in his or her adult lif... [More]

Debt collectors become data security experts

clock August 6, 2014 13:12 by author Philip N Burgess Jr Princeton NJ
At this point, almost everyone's heard about the devastating effects of data breaches and how they occur. Many people might think of major crime syndicates infiltrating the websites of massive, multi-national organizations to steal billions. However, those more knowledgeable about the subject are aware that hackers can be from varying backgrounds, ... [More]