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Companies at risk for losing consumer credit data

clock April 15, 2014 10:31 by author Dave King
For organizations handling a large amount of consumer credit data, it's imperative that they diligently observe the actions of their employees and customers. Financial institutions across the United States are constantly on the lookout for potential identity theft attempts committed by hackers, office workers and even their own patrons. In the even... [More]

Children are a growing target for identity theft

clock April 14, 2014 09:56 by author Walt Wojciechowski
Parents and businesses may be startled to learn that children are a growing target for identity theft. Companies should take steps to protect even their youngest customers from fraud that may ruin their consumer credit reports. Staggering numbers Children are particularly valuable to identity thieves because it is easy to leverage children's Soci... [More]

Louisiana short term loan bill moves to the Senate

clock April 11, 2014 09:09 by author Quinn Thomas
Louisiana Senate Bill 84 has gone through substantial rewrites by the state Senate committee and will now move on to the Senate. Sen. Ben Nevers, D-Bogalusa, was the initial proponent for the bill which was intended to increase the regulation of short term lending practices in order to curb the debt cycle, according to The Associated Press. Amendme... [More]

Legislators reevaluate short term lending laws

clock April 8, 2014 12:28 by author Quinn Thomas
Though short term lenders provide those in need with feasible financial assistance, lawmakers throughout the United States have implemented laws designed to hinder their capabilities. Some legislatures prevent them from loaning to people with particular credit scores, while others prohibit these organizations from charging particular interests rate... [More]

Alternative credit scores are gaining popularity

clock April 2, 2014 10:24 by author Sean Albert
Economic struggles over the past decade have impacted the credit scores of many Americans. This harm to a traditional credit score can be part of a vicious cycle, according to Consumerist. A low credit score can make getting a good loan arduous, which in turn can make it difficult to pay that loan back. On a larger scale, a low score can hinder the... [More]

Banks, credit unions seek to mitigate credit risk

clock April 1, 2014 15:58 by author Walt Wojciechowski
Amid alternative credit data and new IT innovations, monetary organizations throughout the United States are reassessing their risk management procedures. Expressing interest in obtaining younger customers, a number of these companies are venturing into industries that may pose new obstacles but yield significant returns. According to National Mort... [More]

Outdated software puts companies at risk for identity theft

clock April 1, 2014 14:19 by author Dave King
An operating system that isn't receiving security updates is a danger to the company that uses it. The holes that are left by this sort of outdated software could allow hackers in and lead to a data breach. This is especially important for business to keep in mind now, as Microsoft has announced on its website that as of April 8, support and update... [More]

Credit monitoring not enough to protect against ID theft

clock March 31, 2014 08:15 by author Dave King
In lieu of the incident that put more than 100 million customers at risk for identity theft, Target offered free credit monitoring. However, experts say that this could provide a false sense of security, as this service alone isn't enough to stop an incident, according to Desert News. "The problem is that each of the three major credit bureaus - Eq... [More]