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New Asian credit ratings agency includes an American partner

clock December 3, 2012 07:00 by author Sean Albert
An Asian credit ratings company has been formed to cast a fresh eye on the financial stability of companies and countries doing business in a global economy.The Universal Credit Rating Group was recently launched in cooperation with China's Dagong Global Credit Rating Company, United States-based Egan Jones Rating Company and RusRating of Russi... [More]

Workplace fraud leading to declining profits

clock November 8, 2012 13:15 by author Missy Rogers
Corporate fraud has long been a concern for management, but multiple reports indicate the problem could be on the rise. A recent study by the Association of Certified Examiners revealed that companies lose 5 percent of their annual revenues as the result of fraud, with the majority of incidents affecting smaller firms."Small businesses in part... [More]

Groupon seeking $11.4 billion IPO valuation

clock November 3, 2011 13:15 by author Justin Wagner
Group buying site Groupon will seek an $11.4 billion valuation from its initial public offering scheduled for November 4. The Chicago-based startup also hopes to raise $621 million from the long-awaited offering.However, the company reported this week that its IPO will offer a mere 5 percent of total shares, which may lead to wider market volatilit... [More]

Madoff's Ponzi victims get first payout

clock October 16, 2011 13:15 by author Justin Wagner
Victims who lost all the money they invested under Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme will soon be getting part of the funds they lost to the now-incarcerated fraudster.CNNMoney reports that almost three years after one of the biggest scams in history was uncovered, victims will be splitting $312 million in recovered assets. While many will be pleas... [More]

IPOs and business valuation: How it works

clock September 28, 2011 07:00 by author Karen Umpierre
One of the biggest measures of business valuation is a company's initial public offering, when it makes its stock in the firm available for the public to purchase shares and raise more capital. [More]

Some wonder about Groupon's high business valuation

clock September 16, 2011 08:15 by author Karen Umpierre
The internet has changed the way that many people find out about a particular business or view current offers. [More]

Sirius shows growth after years of dismal returns

clock September 7, 2011 12:00 by author Karen Umpierre
After years of faltering despite great potential, recent business valuations of Sirius XM Radio provide a reason to be optimistic, Seeking Alpha reports.It earned $0.01 per share in 2010, and has grown to $0.03 in the second quarter of 2011. On average, revenues have increased 63.4 percent over the past five years, and the company's ability to ... [More]

A new bank soars into the ranks of the elite

clock August 8, 2011 13:15 by author Karen Umpierre
In the United States, there are more than 500 commercial banks that have assets of at least $1 billion – that's a mere 8 percent of banks in the industry, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The most recent bank to be included into those ranks is Green Bank, N.A. of Houston, Texas, which increased their assets to more... [More]