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Two Florida men arrested for credit card fraud

Sep 01, 2011 Matt Roesly

Two Florida men arrested for credit card fraud

Two men were arrested and charged with credit card fraud in Jacksonville, Florida on Tuesday, August 23, The Florida Times-Union reports.

 28-year-old Padmoke K. Atakorah and 27-year-old Wilfred Otete used faked credit cards encrypted with account numbers. The two criminals used the cards in more than 14 stores in the Clay and Jacksonville counties between April and August of 2011. Identity theft and fraud are a major issue in Florida. According to the Federal Trade Commission, Florida had the 5th most fraud related complaints in the United States during 2011, and it ranked 1st for identity theft complaints. Atakorah and Otete first used the credit cards on April 26 at a Walmart. They purchased a $900 gift card which they used at local stores, as well as airplane tickets. Police tracked Atakorah in his Cadillac between August 12 and 15. He purchased iPads, food and giftcards at Target and Walmart. Video footage reveals that Atakorah used the fraudulent credit cards with his accomplice, Otete, as well as an unidentified female.

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