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The importance of conducting tenant screening

Feb 18, 2011 Matt Roesly

A landlord or property manager has open space he or she wishes to fill. The costs are manageable and the property is safe and clean within a well-manicured neighborhood. So how do landlords know which prospective tenants are best? Surely, they want to avoid leasing property to unsavory individuals who may not only participate in questionable behavior, but may simultaneously drag down the value and quality of property.
The importance of conducting tenant screening
 The answer is tenant background screening. Though most prospective hires may consider such a practice more appropriate for the employment industry, background checks for potential tenants are becoming a more popular trend among property managers. Landlords want to ensure the long-term viability of their property while confirming that new tenants will not cause any problems with other tenants or the home or apartment itself. Background screening is a simple, time-saving and potentially cost-saving measure. By uncovering a prospective tenant's personal and financial history, landlords can mitigate the chance of any future problems. There are a number of services that offer background screening, but regardless of what service is selected, simply taking the step is a valuable decision that will pay dividends in the long run.  

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