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Short-term financing solutions available for consumer struggling with medical bills

Jan 27, 2012 Mike Garretson

Millions of Americans have trouble paying monthly bills and are accruing debt which they cannot handle. While many of these debts are transferred to collection agencies, consumers can turn to short term financial solutions to get by while they build up enough funds to pay off that outstanding debt.
 Frances Giordano was recently laid off during her fight against cancer. She had been struggling to pay off her medical bills even while she had a job, and now that she's unemployed, the near future only seems more difficult. "I'm a good person," 58-year-old Giordano told The Record. "I worked hard. Isn't having cancer enough?" According to The Commonwealth Fund Biennial Health Insurance Survey, in 2010, nearly 30 percent of Americans had difficulties or were unable to pay medical bills, 16 percent were contacted by a collection agency for those bills and 17 percent had to make sacrifices in their way of life to pay those debts. For immediate relief, consumers can obtain a payday loan or short term financing agency to get the funds in order to pay for essentials.

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