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Payday loans a boon for consumers

Jan 18, 2011 Todd Milner

Payday loans a boon for consumers
Payday loans are becoming very popular, according to the website Hot Make, as residents have the opportunity to pay off urgent expenses, pending bills, medical expenses and more without overdrawing bank accounts or attracting debt collectors.
 Even those with bad credit are allowed to access the loan easily and with no obligation, says the site. Loans generally range in amount from $100 to $1500 and are expected to be paid back within a few weeks, with an additional fee. These loans are intended not as a constant line of credit, but for emergency needs, writes the website Conxie. "Nobody can predict when fast cash will be required," says the site. In an emergency, many people don't have family or friends who can loan them the money in a pinch. But consumers should make sure that the company they are doing business with is a solid, honest business, as some storefronts pretend to be payday lenders but operate illegally. "Be alert and choose the right lender with the right scheme to have the money you require," says Hot Make. 

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