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North Dakota county court records go digital

Jan 26, 2011 Matt Roesly

North Dakota county court records go digital
A county in North Dakota will soon change the way that it stores its court records, in an effort to get up to speed in the new digital age.
 The Williston Herald reports that the Williams County Clerk of Court's Office in North Dakota has undertaken the task of making its court documents paperless, after funding was previously approved during a 2009 session of the legislature. The new case management system, Odyssey, will replace the current Unified Court Information System and will make all documents accessible through digital sources. "We'll be e-filing and our records won't be paper anymore," said Melody Edenloff, Williams County deputy clerk of court, in an interview with the paper regarding public court records online. "When the judges go to court they'll be able to access the files on their computer ... It's making things more efficient." The state of Maryland made similar news recently when it announced a new online document system for the court. The Maryland Electronic Court Initiative will allow people to receive documents remotely instead of having to drive to the court to get them.

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