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Consumer reports lists cash rebate as best incentive plan

Jun 28, 2011 Brian Bradley

Consumer reports lists cash rebate as best incentive plan
Cash rebates are the best incentive choice for potential car buyers seeking low-cost auto financing, the News-Sentinel reports.
 The news source points out that leasing and low-interest financing can also save money, but there are significant risks involved with each. Leasing is an attractive option for potential car buyers because lessees only need to pay back the car's depreciated value, which results in a lower monthly payment. However, leases tend to have higher interest rates, and since a large amount is not paid back every month, lessees may be subject to a finance charge. In addition, the savings incurred from a reduced interest rate may not offset the amount the buyer may have lost by passing on the rebate option. According to the Wall Street Journal, new car sales declined in May. The last time the U.S. auto industry reported a year-over-year decline in monthly sales was August 2010, when it couldn't match the previous year's totals due to the government's effective Cash for Clunkers rebate program.

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