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Avoiding fraudulent people-searching sites

Aug 17, 2011 Matt Roesly

Avoiding fraudulent people-searching sites
Companies seeking to screen the backgrounds of their potential and current employees should be wary of illegitimate people-searching sites, ZDNet reports.
 By searching an individual's name on a people-finding website, you can acquire the name, address and birth date of an individual and his or her family members. However, many of these sites are not trustworthy and may even provide false information. In order to keep their pay-per-click ratios high, these sites use any means possible to attract viewers. For instance, fraudulent people-finding sites can instantly create profiles of the names you search, even if the name doesn't exist. Individuals that attempt to withdraw their information from these websites may find themselves in a bind. Some websites may promise that an individual's information will be removed, as long as they provide their name, email and address. Hence, their information may be deleted from one fraudulent website, then transferred to an affiliate's. While these websites can obtain an individual's information in a number of ways, the questionable accuracy of the data underscores the importance of reputable background screening services.

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